Talk Show have shared ‘Leather’ from their upcoming second EP

It arrives ahead of their upcoming EP, due in September.

Talk Show have dropped a new single, ‘Leather’.

It’s the latest teaser from their second EP, ‘Touch The Ground’. Produced by Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard and Al Doyle in their Hackney studio, it’s set to arrive on 23rd September via Missing Piece Records.

“Chloe took the lead on this one bringing a big breakbeat style drum part, and we just ran with it,” says frontman Harrison Swann. “Vocally it felt natural to sit back and let the other parts sit more at the front. With the sharp guitar and heavy bass lines, we didn’t wanna compete with each other, so it helped having small repeating phrases, fitting in the gaps. We were trying to build an atmosphere, something dynamic, rather than tell a story. We wanted something that had a bit of bite to it, that was really gonna show what we’d actually been listening to for inspiration. It’s hands down our favourite to play from the EP, and it just feels different. It feels like it really comes alive when we perform it. Whether that’s been at festivals, or small cap venues. I love it.”

Check it out below.

The full track list for ‘Touch the Ground’ reads:
Track 1
Cold House
Dirt In the Keyboard

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