Technology + Teamwork have debuted their new single, ‘Big Blue’

It's taken from their debut album, 'We Used To Be Friends'.

Technology + Teamwork have announced their debut album, ‘We Used To Be Friends’.

The full-length is set for release on 17th March, and is previewed by a brand new single, ‘Big Blue’.

The duo’s Sarah Jones explains, “I wrote a beat about my favourite jumper.”

“Often with our stuff, our voices are put through effects and people are never sure who’s singing what, which I really like,” adds the other half of the pair, Anthony Silvester. “A lot of ‘Big Blue’ was us resampling ourselves. We also worked with our friend Charlie (March), who helped us structure it into a song, and then when we mixed it with our friend Aaron (Cupples), we resampled other parts and built it up like that some more.

“Sarah was really keen on developing a break in it, and we used delays on one of our sampled bits to make sounds like alligators croaking for the break. For the chorus I wanted to sound a bit like ‘Warm Leatherette’ by Daniel Miller, and have this very stern quality in the voice.”

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