Tegan and Sara are standing up for what they believe

Some pop stars keep quiet when it comes to the ‘serious issues’. Others speak out, but offer up little in the way of direct action. Tegan & Sara are different. with their new foundation, they’re showing more than just empty words.
So you guys are touring the UK soon – how do you prepare for long stints on the road? Do you enjoy all the travelling that comes with being pop stars?

We started touring in 1999 so the road is the place where we often feel the most comfortable. It’s also afforded us the opportunity to see so much of the world through the unique lens of the arts. Its not always easy to leave the lives we’ve built at home but with technology it sometimes feels like the world has become much smaller. 

How do you go about booking your support acts? It’s Alex Lahey and Ria Mae for this run, isn’t it?

Yes, Alex Lahey and Ria Mae are both joining us for parts of this next tour. Both are terrific performers and songwriters that we both like very much. We generally select artists to support our tours that we feel that our audience will like – I think they’re going to really love Alex and Ria.

This tour sees you promoting your new album, but you’ve also just launched the Tegan and Sara Foundation – what prompted you to formalise your social activism?

We’ve been discussing the idea of formalising our activism for many years. The goal for us is to be more purposeful but also proactive and not always reactive. Our community currently faces enormous challenges and we see ourselves as uniquely positioned to amplify the crucial work being done to an audience that may not be aware of the inequities faced by so many LGBTQ women. The tremendous support of our fan base, many of whom identify as LGBTQ, has emboldened us and this feels like a way to give back to them too. 

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