Tegan and Sara have shared a brand new track, and news of their 10th album

'Yellow' is the lead track from 'Crybaby' which will arrive on 21st October.

Tegan and Sara have shared a brand new track, and news of their 10th album.

New song ‘Yellow’ leads the way for the upcoming full-length ‘Crybaby’, which is set to arrive on 21st October via Mom+Pop Music.

‘Yellow’ features a video, directed by Mark Myers, which pays tribute to Coldplay’s track of the same name. Speaking about the track, Sara Quin explains the song “was written after we began to take steps to heal the bruises we have both carried with us since adolescence and early adulthood – wounds that never quite healed right and flare up seasonally, sending us spiraling backward in time. Are we doomed to remain forever 15, breaking up and breaking apart? I hope not.”

On the album, Tegan continues: “This was the first time where, while we were still drafting our demos, we were thinking about how the songs were going to work together. It wasn’t even just that Sara was making lyric changes or reorganizing the parts to my songs, it was that she was also saying to me, ‘This song is going to be faster,’ or ‘It’s going to be in a different key.’ But Sara effectively improves everything of mine that she works on.”

“Maybe I am the renovator,” Sara adds. “I’m the house-flipper of the Tegan and Sara band.”

The tracklist for ‘Crybaby’ reads:

I Can’t Grow Up
All I Wanted
Fucking Up What Matters
Smoking Weed Alone
Faded Like A Feeling
I’m Okay
Pretty Shitty Time
Under My Control
This Ain’t Going Well
Sometimes I See Stars
Whatever That Was

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