Tegan & Sara have created a new short film for ‘U-Turn’

The extended clip follows the adventures of ‘The Ultimate Star Girls’ with some serious moves thrown into the mix
Adding another chapter to global domination 2k17, Tegan & Sara have given recent stormer ‘U-Turn’ the full motion picture treatment, with a new short film for the track.

Following ‘The Ultimate Star Girls’ on a cheeky day out with plenty of dance practice, it shows how busting some serious moves can soothe any falling out with your best mates. Note that down for the next time it happens.

Speaking about the film, Tegan & Sara explained how “When you’re young, some of your strongest and most rewarding relationships are with your friends. The kind who support you to become who you really are. Inspired by ‘U-Turn’ and classic girl crew nostalgia, we want to celebrate those kinds of bonds with this short film from director Emma Higgins.”

Tegan & Sara recently wrapped up a bonafide smashing UK headline tour in support of latest album ‘Love You To Death’, which included a spectacular night at The Roundhouse in London. We know that, because we were blooming well there – and you can check out all that went down with our review here.

Get the popcorn out for ‘U-Turn’ below,