Tender ‘Erode’ a new shade of night with this engrossing fresh diamond

It’s the first taste of the London duo’s upcoming debut album
Drenched in neon darkness, London duo Tender have slowly been making a name for themselves with their elicit synth-laden sounds – and now they’re pointing to even more shimmers with new cut ‘Erode’

Gliding over guttural electro swoons, it’s the sort of glacial pop that’d soundtrack late-night contemplation no matter where you are in the world, taking serene calls and building them over silky and intoxicating pulls.

‘Erode’ stands as the first taste of Tender’s debut LP, due to land this summer – timing nicely around appearances at Live At Leeds, The Great Escape and Dot To Dot already locked in the diary.

Have a cheeky play of ‘Erode’ below,