The 1975 are being all The 1975-y again, have wiped their social media accounts

The game is afoot, Dear Reader!

There’s always signs when people are up to stuff. A tell tale nod or giveaway that they’re scheming something up. For most, that’s maybe an inability to keep eye contact, or an awkward shuffle. Perhaps they over emote, or provide too much detail to seemingly innocuous events. Or, if they’re The 1975, maybe they delete themselves off the internet. Again.

Yep, the traditional reimagining of the planet’s most enigmatic pop-slash-whatever-genre-is-so-dead band is underway, with a mass clearing of their social media accounts.

That comes after a post yesterday which instructed fans to ‘Wake Up!’, branded with what seems to be the creative for their next album, ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’.

This is all ‘to schedule’ – or at least the updated one we received a few weeks back. A first taster of the follow up to 2018’s ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ is expected to land before the band headline Reading & Leeds festivals next month, after they pulled back from a plan to drop the full record in advance of the appearance in order to give it the time required in the studio.

The second instalment of their ‘Music For Cars’ project, we know the band will be back on tour in the UK in 2020, and are set to play Pitchfork Paris this November. On top of a run of US dates before the end of the year, the pieces are starting to slot in place.

The run up to the first track from ‘ABIIOR’, ‘Give Yourself A Try’, came after a month of build up, featuring posters, hidden zip files and an internet based game of cat and mouse. Keep your eyes peeled, everyone – the game is afoot!

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