The 1975 front Dork’s huge December 2022 / January 2023 issue – pre-order now

With a massive full-band shoot and interview, we're asking your questions, delving deep into the band's relationship and throwing a party to celebrate!
Photo credit: Jennifer McCord

If there’s one band that can capture the attention, it’s The 1975. From cryptic, teasing, easter egg-filled announcements to self-referential lyrics and stage shows that have the entire internet aflame, for the better part of a decade now they’ve been racking up number one albums and column inches.

Their recently released fifth record ‘Being Funny in a Foreign Language’ has been no different. Hitting the top of ‘the charts’ on release, it’s a brilliant work that lives up to its promise of being The 1975 ‘at their very best’. It’s come with a live spectacular that also understands the brief – half performance art, half greatest hits, but entirely awe inspiring. When we say there’s no other band on the planet quite like The 1975, we’re pretty confident there’ll be no counter arguments any time soon.

That’s why this month, we’re doing something properly special. Before heading to North America for the first leg of a tour which returns to this side of the pond early in 2023, we gathered Matty, George, Adam and Ross together in an East London studio. Once there, we went deep into the band, their relationships, and what makes them so special for our big year end December 2022 / January 2023 cover feature.

Photo credit: Jennifer McCord

With a stunning, full-band shoot and interview, we’re going bigger than ever before. And we’re not doing it alone. If you’re a particularly observant supporter, you may remember we ran our very own The 1975 Fan Poll last month. From that, we got your questions, observations, memories and opinions – some of which we put to the band. From box tattoos to screamed back lyrics, community has always been at the heart of what powers The 1975. We’ll be celebrating that in full this month.

Photo credit: Jennifer McCord

To make it even more of a treat, we’re also offering up a set of fan exclusive cover variants. While the main magazine we’ll be sending out into the world features The 1975 in full, you can also order direct from us special individual covers featuring your favourite member. Take your pick, or grab a bundle of all five covers worldwide, and we’ll send them direct to your door – shipped by the end of the month.

The December 2022 / January 2023 issue of Dork – which features so, so much more we’re not telling you about just yet – is set to drop on Friday, 18th November. You can pre-order a copy below, or via our shop here. If you want to subscribe to the magazine, you can do so here.

We’re not done there, though. When putting out a magazine this spectacular, we need to celebrate it – so we’re throwing a launch party. Earlier in the year, we celebrated the release of ‘Being Funny in a Foreign Language”s lead single ‘Part of the Band’ by putting on our very own The 1975 inspired club night Love It If We Played It. Now, we’re bringing it back for a second instalment. We’ll be spinning all your favourite The 1975-related bops and bangers at London’s Colours Hoxton on Wednesday, 23rd November. Tickets are available now for £5 + booking fees, with all profits in aid of Shelter. If you were at the first edition, you’ll know exactly how ridiculous it was. Poor cardboard Matty. You can grab your tickets here now.

If you like what we do, we’re making available a section of the site for those who wish to support us by signing up to a new monthly or annual subscription package. Different from our previous print-only subscriptions, the Dork Supporters scheme allows you to get early access to all our print content in digital form as soon as the issue launches, read digital versions of every single edition of Dork right back to issue 1, and get occasional exclusive extras too. You can sign up for digital-only or digital + print packages, which will give you immediate access. You can find more information here.

And don’t worry if you’re not signing up. You’ll still get everything you did before, as digital versions of our print content unlock to be read free of charge throughout the month. Enjoy!

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