The 1975 have posted another teaser, and we still don’t know what’s happening

What are they looking at in those VR headsets, eh? Probably some right old filth.
The 1975 have posted another teaser online.

Featuring the DH00325 catalogue number and their ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ title, it features three images of VR headsets.

It also contains the date 1st June 2018 – an important point on the calendar in the mythology of the band, as well as a Friday where many are expecting their third album to arrive.

It’s worth noting there are two threads of 1975 ‘ads’ doing the rounds. A second run, featuring the catalogue number DH00327, have appeared in various forms ‘in the real world’, one of which featured the expected album title ‘Music For Cars’.

If we were speculating, we’d say that new poster looks pretty cinematic, but at this point it could mean anything. Got a theory? So does everyone, mate. So does everyone.

Check out the new image below.

The 1975 will probably be teasing us mercilessly for the rest of May. They’re like that.

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