The 1975 have confirmed that ‘Part Of The Band’ is coming on 7th July

What could be the first track from their 5th album - we think - will be with us next month.

The 1975 have confirmed that we’re getting something new on 7th July, and it’ll be titled ‘Part Of The Band’.

Presumably a new single, the news first broke yesterday when posters were spotted around London.

Featuring a photo of a be-scarved (is that a word? – Ed) Matty Healy carrying a whole load of not-so-metaphorical baggage, the posters also contained the first mention we’ve seen of the title ‘Part of the Band’.

Previously, the band made some Instagram posts teasing the letters B F I A F L – which fans presumed referred to ‘Being Funny In A Funny Language’, a song title that originally appeared on a leaked tracklist for ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ back in 2020.

Now, the band have posted to Twitter confirming ‘Part Of The Band’ is coming on 7th July. You can check out the message – and that new photo – below. If you’re still wondering what is going on with The 1975, read our catch-up guide from the start of the month here.

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