The 1975 have shared a new update, titled ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’

The band are still up to stuff.
Following on from the posters that were discovered yesterday (28th April) The 1975 have taken to The Internet to launch the next phase of ‘Music For Cars’.

All the band members, their label and their manager Jamie Oborne tweeted an image in unison.

With the same layout as the posters (“First, Disobey: Then Look At Your Phones” in one corner, a timeline of 2018-2019 ‘MFC” in the other, alongside quotes “If I don’t get to see the beauty of the end of culture; Then at least I’ve seen the culture at the end of beauty” and “Poetry is in the streets in full living colour”), the image shares ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’.

Dive in below.

The catalogue number has changed, with the posters on the street reading DH00327 and this reading DH00325. We’re still a long way off the numbers in Matty’s and Jamie’s Twitter profiles though (DH00280 and DH00281) respectively. If it’s a countdown, we only have 22 days to wait. If it’s not, who knows.

‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ is a chapter name from the book ‘You Are Here: Art After The Internet’. The words “Don’t You Mind” are in quotes on the above and feature heavily in The 1975’s ‘Me’, the closing track from their ‘Music For Cars’ EP. Generally, the main body copy reads a lot like lyrics – perhaps to a lead single from the record?

Earlier this weekend (28th April), text based, black and white posters appeared ‘in the wild’. One in London’s Brick Lane, another in Manchester, they feature the band’s name, and the title of that forthcoming third album, ‘Music For Cars’.

They also contain the message “First, disobey; then look at your phones” as well as what looks like a timeline, “2018-2019” with the label “MFC”.

The poster also features the line “If I don’t get to see the beauty of the end of culture; then at least I’ve seen the culture of the end of reality,” which the band posted months back from the studio. “Poetry is in the streets in full living colour,” is written at the base. This also featured in the video for ‘Chocolate”.

Matty Healy has spoken at length about the quote in the past, notably in 2013 where he explained to High Voltage: “We have a quote about poetry in the streets in full living colour, and that was always alluding to the fact that we will one day break out into colour. People think we are about the black and white. We’re not about the black and white: we’re about the decisions that we make and the way we go about things. Everyone thinks they know the 1975 so well. Everyone thinks they’ve got us so down. They haven’t got a clue. The unpredictability is what defines us.”

Fans have been on red alert for more info on ‘Music For Cars’ after a tweet from manager Jamie Oborne last week.

A fan of the band tweeted “the iliwys era is still here”, to which Oborne replied “Yes for a few more days”.

It’s not the only piece of info we’ve got from the Dirty Hit boss. He earlier revealed on Twitter that there won’t be any small warm-up gigs this time around, because they “want the first shows to be the biggest live spectacle in the world.”

He’s also confirmed that the first dates “will be UK to start”.

Earlier this year, the band wiped their social media platforms back to mid-July, which was when they posted following their Latitude 2017 headline set to draw their last album to a close.

They’re rumoured – thanks to more of Jamie’s tweets – to be announcing a new tour this August.

If you’re after a really great set of thoughts about what could be the themes of the band’s new album, we’d recommend this thread from Twitter user @sugarcoatedpill. It’s really quite something.

The 1975’s ‘Music For Cars’ is just one of a whole bunch of massive albums we’re expecting this summer. Catch up on the next few months right here.

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