Are The 1975 about to release a singles box set?

Why do half the stories we run about this band require a cryptic question mark?
Photo credit: Jennifer McCord

Are The 1975 about to release a singles box set?

Maybe? It looks like it. Depends on how much you trust mysterious websites attributed to Matty Healy’s social media handle Truman Black.

Earlier tonight, a tweet appeared under the @trumanblackOG Twitter handle, displaying a picture of a white box. It carried simple text – The 1975. Singles. 2013-2023.

The account, registered in April of this year but perhaps associated with Matty, soon disappeared – completely deactivated. However, the image then appeared on the website, which first appeared when it was linked from the bio of Healy’s Instagram account – so probably a legitimate source of information.

UPDATE. Apparently, it was on the website first and the Twitter account second. But as the website is linked from the Instagram account – the one we know belongs to Healy – the image is still likely from ‘an official source’. But the Twitter account could be anyone, so ignore that bit. Okay? Lovely. We’re very professional. Thanks to Twitter user @frailstateofmind for the correction.

There’s little other detail available yet – when is there ever with this band – but for now, we’d give this one an 8/10. More likely than the Drive Like I Do EP, but less likely than The 1975 confusing us again before the end of the week.

You’re welcome.

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