The 1975’s next single won’t be ‘If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)’, but whatever it is will be with us in “days”

Also, Drive Like I Do rarities record? For real this time?

The next single from The 1975 will be with us within days, but it won’t be the one we’re expecting.

Tweeting updates from lockdown, the band’s manager Jamie Oborne confirmed that whatever is next is “days away (single digits)”, but it won’t be the previously promised intercontinental megabop ‘If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)’ “because we wanted it to come after the next one”.

Further described as sounding “like heaven” and “kinda” a new one, there’s perhaps a chance it’s the other new song the band previewed live on tour last month, ‘Guys’. That, Dear Reader, is mere speculation from a fevered pop magazine which misses social contact. It’s about your mates, see. Remember people? Friends? Social interaction? That was good wasn’t it. Lovely days.

Or, y’know, it could be something totally new. Don’t ask us. We know literally nothing. Less than nothing. We have negative stocks of information here. We just like saying stuff. Do not listen to us.

But! When it does arrive, we will have some other stuff we’ve been waiting for – including the full 22-track long rundown of what makes up new album ‘Notes On Conditional Form’, and a final release date. Currently officially scheduled for 24th April, frontman Matty Healy suggested at last month’s Liverpool date it’d drop back a few more weeks as he was still writing stuff for it.

In other interesting news, Jamie also suggested he and Matty have been talking about a rarities record for the band’s previous pre-famous incarnation Drive Like I Do. That follows the excitement last month when a website popped up suggesting something ‘along those lines’ may be imminent, before the discovery that it was, indeed, all a great big hoax. Not that any of us ever believed it for a second, eh?

Ahem. Ahem ahem. Anyway.

You can check out some hypey tweets from Jamie below, and light a candle in reflection that it’ll probably be another month before we can bless the rest of the planet with ‘If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)’, the bop on which the future society which comes out of this current mess will be built upon. Hyperbole? Us? Nah.

Oh, and in case you did want a five second bonus taster of ‘Too Shy’ in its full, studio recorded form, you can find it here, direct from Jamie’s Instagram story. If you loop it you’ll probably go nuts.

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