The 1975’s Matty Healy says “it’s happening”, whatever “it” is

Part three of The Great 1975 Hype Drama of 2018 is upon us.
Part three of The Great 1975 Hype Drama of 2018 is upon us, Dear Reader. A running narrative, where every tweet, profile picture of possibly wonkily researched article is worthy of note by bloodshot, fevered correspondents, almost drooling in anticipation of new music from our neon lit heroes.

Following on a possible (but also possibly not) release date leak, then the band’s socials all changing to a brilliant white, we’ve got probably the most certain sign yet that something is happening with The 1975.

We don’t want to read between the lines too much, but…

Exactly what Matty Healy is claiming is “happening” is open to interpretations. Obviously we’re all buzzed about their forthcoming 2018 album ‘Music For Cars’ – a record we were expecting to arrive around early summer, because really, something special needs to happen on the 1st June, right? There’s also been whisperings of an EP – which Matty was promising as far back as the end of 2016 in an interview with Dork.

But whatever “it” is, we figure we’re about to find out, which means this is us right now.

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