The 1975’s new single ‘Give Yourself A Try’ has its own poster and it’s all very exciting

Are these lyrics? What is going on?
The 1975’s new single is out on Thursday and even though we are literally days away from hearing it, it’s not stopping us from intensely examining every social media post for any clue as to what is going on.

Today they put up this poster for ‘Give Yourself A Try’ (Annie Mac’s Hottest Record on Thursday 31 May 7pm) and there’s some juicy stuff on it.

The text at the top appears to be lyrics (it’s bloody heavy as well), and also features lines like “WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO YOUR YOUNGER SELF?”.

The poster also has the ‘code’ “DH00328” but the poster yesterday said “DH00325”. What does it all mean???

It’s all very cryptic but all will be revealed very shortly.

There’s still no indication of what it actually sounds like, but here’s one reaction to give you an idea:

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