The Big Moon reckon Glastonbury is “pretty special”, just like the rest of us

It's what we're all thinking, but someone has to say it.
Y’know how bands always say Glastonbury is special. You hear it every year. Same stuff. Special. Glastonbury. It’s special. Glastonbury, right, is special. Special place. Only one like it. Real special.

That’s probably because it’s, like, special.

“It’s pretty special,” Fern from The Big Moon told Dork, as they prepared for their set yesterday (24th June) “There’s no advertising, there’s none of that. It’s just remained itself. Everything here is so unique and selected to be here; it’s not here because it’s the highest price. Every type of person comes to Glastonbury.”

“It’s huge,” Soph added, “and because it’s such a big deal people make more of an effort. All the other ones, we don’t really ‘go’ to them, but you go to Glastonbury.”

So there you go. Glastonbury. Special.

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