The countdown to Lorde-day continues, with another cheeky teaser

Is it Friday yet? Please say it’s Friday... Can it just be Friday?
As you can imagine, things are getting a bit excitable on all things Lorde related as of late.

After dropping that laid-back back of the cab teaser over the weekend, there’s now a SECOND snippet of a clip out there, finding Lorde taking a leisurly stroll along a fence – once again with those familiar chimes ringing out.

Finishing like before with those familiar dates of ‘3.2.17 NYC’ and ‘3.3.17 NZ’ – it’s another whet the appetite moment for what’s about to unveil itself.

(We’re just going to shoot off to the supermarket to prep up, all this excitement has us ready to explode)

In the meantime, check out both teasers below,