The Ella Sisters have debuted their wistful new indie-pop number, ‘James Dean’

The duo have a new EP on the way.

The Ella Sisters have debuted their new single, ‘James Dean’.

The soaring indie-pop number is from the Norwegian twins’ new EP ‘Sugarcoat’, the second instalment of on going body of work, set for release next year.

“We wrote ‘James Dean’ as a nostalgic and heartfelt tune, comparing a big love interest to the story of the legend by the title name,” they explain. “The song has a cinematic vibe to it, and takes on the approach of the challenges of letting someone in, and how it feels to be broken but grateful for what the love gave you. Ultimately there is an underlying deeper meaning, questioning whether boys ever really feel free to be vulnerable.”

Of the EP, they add: “‘Sugarcoat’ is our sophomore EP and is written as chapter 2 of our debut ‘Queens’ EP. It tackles themes of underestimation and confidence, however this EP goes even further into personal relations and the restlessness of being young at heart. It explores the understanding of bad behaviour, which is the underlying theme in the two-parted project. In the song-writing process, we were dedicated to being as honest as possible. It was quite therapeutic.”

Check out ‘James Dean’ below.

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