The Go! Team have shared their new single, ‘Mayday’: “I’ve always wanted to do a song with Morse code”

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The Go! Team have released a new single from their upcoming new album.

Band leader Ian Parton explains: “I’ve always wanted to do a song with Morse code in it and when I hit upon the idea of applying a mayday distress signal to love problems I was surprised it had never been done before.

“Once you got that idea you can really lay on the metaphors: “hit by a category 5”, “sinking fast in the sea I cried”, “come in – do you read me”. I’ve always loved those soul songs which equate boy trouble to emergencies – pure Shangri-Las style melodrama, backcombed to oblivion.”

‘Mayday’ is taken from ‘Semicircle’, due for release on 19th January. They’ve a handful of new shows in support of the album too, their first since 2015.

Catch them at:


09 Glasgow, Oran Mor

10 Leeds, Wardrobe

11 Brighton, Haunt

15 London, Electric Ballroom

16 Newcastle, Riverside

17 Manchester, Gorilla

Listen to ‘Mayday’ below.

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