The Great Escape has announced a few more acts for 2020, inc. Phoebe Green and Sinead O’Brien

Over 400 acts are still to be announced.

The Great Escape has announced a few more acts for 2020’s event.

The bill – which is being teased with a handful of ‘First Fifty’ showcases this week – now includes JAY1, GoGo Penguin, Velvet Negroni, Evie Irie, Angelica Garcia, Baker Boy, Sinead O’Brien, Odunsi (The Engine), Larry Pink The Human, Public Practice, Jada, BENEE, Phoebe Green (pictured) and Aaron Smith.

They join previously announced acts, Master Peace, Do Nothing, Ayo Britain, Chlobocop, Sassy 009, House Of Pharaohs, John, Weird Milk, Boy Scouts, Sarathy Korwar, Sons Of Raphael and more.

The Great Escape will take place from 13th-16th May 2020, across loads of venues in Brighton. Over 400 acts are still to be announced.

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