The Japanese House has announced her second album, ‘In The End It Always Does’

Check out new single 'Sad To Breathe', too.

The Japanese House has announced her second studio album.

‘In The End It Always Does’ is out 30th June via Dirty Hit, featuring recent drop ‘Boyhood’ along with new single ‘Sad To Breathe’, which was co-produced with The 1975’s George Daniel.

“I wrote Sad To Breathe some time ago, it’s one of the oldest songs on the record,” she explains. “It was very different back then; it’s gone from being solely electronic to what it is now, mostly live/ acoustic instrumentation.

“It’s about that desperate feeling when someone leaves you and the disbelief that they could. It’s funny you could have those kind of insane dramatic thoughts, that feel so real at the time, but can by some miracle look back in fondness to your entire life being ruined. It all circles back around.”

The album’s full tracklisting is as follows:

Spot Dog
Touching Yourself
Sad to Breathe
Over There
Morning Pages
Indexical reminder of a morning well spent
Sunshine Baby
Baby goes again
You always get what you want
One for sorrow, two for Joni Jones

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