The Killers have dropped a brand new track, ‘Land Of The Free’

"I have to get this out" Brandon Flowers explains.

The Killers have dropped a brand new track.

Titled ‘Land Of The Free’, the standalone song was debuted on Beats 1 as Zane Lowe’s World Record.

“I think it’s a very important time right now,” frontman Brandon Flowers explains. “Enough Was Enough is basically where it comes from. It started in my mind around when the Sandy Hook happened, and as a father how that effected me. And then it just started stacking up. It was things like Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, things like what’s happening at the wall. This stuff didn’t seem to be in harmony with the values I think my country was founded on.

He continues: “I would start the song and I would put it away and say ‘I’m not the guy to do this’, or I’d feel inadequate. Waiting for ‘somebody’s gonna write this song’. And then it just piled up, and I finally just… Las Vegas, Orlando, Parkland – it just kept coming, it was like ‘I gotta… I have to get this out…'”

The track features both Brandon and drummer Ronnie Vannucci JrDave Keuning and Mark Stoermer, both of whom have taken a step back from Killers duty in recent years, do not appear – but Brandon stresses that doesn’t mean they won’t in future. He also reveals a new Killers album could be at the end of 2019, but more likely 2020.

Recorded at their Battle Born Studios and produced by Jacknife Lee, ‘Land Of The Free’ also features additional vocals by Lynn Mabry, Dorian Holley, Will Wheaton, Sherree Patrice Brown, Akasha Mabry and Killers’ touring vocalists Amanda Brown, Danielle René Withers and Erica Canales.

Politically charged and possibly even more Springsteen-esque than before, if that’s possible, you can check out ‘Land Of The Free’ below. As revealed in the Beats 1 interview, a new video for the track, by legendary filmmaker Spike Lee, will follow.

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