The Lemon Twigs are back with their new track for “people like Mark Ruffalo”, ‘My Golden Years’

The duo are targeting a very specific group with their first new material of 2024.

The Lemon Twigs have unveiled a brand new single, ‘My Golden Years’.

Brian and Michael D’Addario of the band have also shared their thoughts on the track, explaining, “’My Golden Years’ is about making every minute count and living up to your potential. In that sense, I think that people like Mark Ruffalo or people who hike might like the song. Or it could be good while you’re working out.”

The music video for ‘My Golden Years’, directed by Ambar Navarro, captures the band in a series of brightly-lit scenes shot across Los Angeles. The video shows the band engaged in various playful activities and wandering through open fields.

Navarro commented on the video, stating, “The ‘My Golden Years’ video is about looking back at the good old days, and the highs and lows of trying to make it as a band.” She added, “We wanted to incorporate situations like being broke and getting kicked out while being playful and humorous about it. When you’re trying to make it as an artist, there’s this vulnerability of putting yourself out to constant rejection that can be tough, but the band finds their full peace and freedom in performing in an open field.”

The new track marks the band’s first offering of 2024, following their 2023 LP ‘Everything Harmony’. A press release promises “much more in store for The Lemon Twigs” this year.

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