The Moonlandingz and Slow Club’s Rebecca Taylor enjoy an egg-cellent night out in the video for ‘The Strangle Of Anna’

Yes. That is a pair of fried eggs sitting on frontman Johnny Rocket’s nipples.
The fact The Moonlandingz are made up of members from Fat White Family should be a pretty solid indicator that things are going to be pushed right to the edge, with the band’s latest video for ‘The Strangle Of Anna’ sitting as the date night you’d never see coming.

Featuring frontman Johnny Rocket (aka Lias Saoudi of Fat White Family fame) sporting a rather fetching clingfilm corset that covers over, yes, a coupla fried eggs chilling on his chest – it’s the sort of night out you’d stumble into at 3am in the middle of nowhere. Slow Club’s Rebecca Taylor, who features on the track, is also along for the cake-chomping ride – proving just why The Moonlandingz are on a whole ‘notha planet.

Chatting about the clip to NME, Adrian Flanagan of the band explained how Lias went fully method for the shoot staying awake for five days before the shoot and “On arrival on set he said he wanted to have the hairstyle of all the South Yorkshire greats, yer know, Turner, Hawley and the king of the crooners, Mr Tony Christie – but he wanted to take that look to the next level, which obviously, was to wear two fried eggs upon his person.”

We’re sure Tony Christie is beaming with pride wherever he may be – much more so than when Mr Blobby ran on a treadmill to one of his tracks… (never forget).

The Moonlandingz’ will release their debut album ‘Interplanetary Class Classics’ this Friday (March 24th) with a full UK tour to boot ahead of appearances at Live At Leeds and The Great Escape.

Witness it all below,