The Murder Capital announce new album ‘Gigi’s Recovery’

Their second studio record is slated for release on 20th January 2023.
Photo Credit: Marcus Prouse Jr.

The Murder Capital have announced the release of their upcoming album ‘Gigi’s Recovery’.

Their second studio record is slated for release on 20th January 2023 via Human Season records, and is available for pre-order here.

The album will be the follow up to their 2019 debut ‘When I Have Fears’.

News of the new album was accompanied by the arrival of new single ‘A Thousand Lives’.

Speaking about the track, front man James McGovern explained: “Knowing that the day is only X-hours long, alongside my understanding of how love can be the true restorative seed, means that if and when you are so lucky to find it (and it is true) the seemingly small glance that is our lifetime could never contain enough of those days or those hours. Even a thousand of those lifetimes would never be enough.”

You can check out ‘A Thousand Lives’ below:

The full tracklist for the album reads:
1 Existence
2 Crying
3 Return My Head
4 Ethel
5 The Stars Will Leave Their Stage
6 Belonging
7 The Lie Becomes the Self
8 A Thousand Lives
9 We Had to Disappear
10 Only Good Things
11 Gigi’s Recovery
12 Exist

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