The National are teasing us with a spooky clip of something new

It looks like they're about to drop news on that much anticipated new music.
Oh look. It’s another band, teasing us with ambiguous stuff. Hi there, The National!

Yep, it looks like The National are gearing up for the big reveal on their next step. Overnight the band have dropped a grainy clip featuring the phrases “Sleep Well Beast” and “The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness’.

Given the inclusion of “SWB” in the top right corner, it would suggest ‘Sleep Well Beast’ may well be the title of an album or song. Or not. Teasers. You never know.

It also includes some noodly music, but no vocals. To be honest, Dear Reader, it sounds ‘really rather different to what you’d expect’. Then again, once you add those trademark Berninger tones, it’s only ever going to sound like one glorious band.

The National are set to play Glastonbury next month, between 21st and 25th June, so it’s safe to say we should expect to be more fully informed by that point.

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