The National’s Matt Berninger has announced details of his debut solo album ‘Serpentine Prison’

The news comes with the release of the title track itself, with the album to follow on October 4th

The National’s Matt Berninger has done many things in life, but a solo album isn’t one of them. UNTIL NOW, with Matt revealing details of ‘Serpentine Prison’

Featuring a vast array of contributors and producer by the revered Booker T Jones, the frontman’s debut solo LP is set to land on October 4th.

To tie with the news and providing the first taste of what to expect, Matt has revealed the title track – a soothing warm number that comes complete with a music video shot during the recording process.

Speaking about the track, Matt said: “For a long time, I had been writing songs for movies and musicals and other projects where I needed to get inside someone else’s head and convey another person’s feelings. I liked doing that, but I was ready to dig back into my own garbage and this was the first thing that came out.”

“The title is from a twisting sewer pipe that drains into the ocean near LAX. There’s a cage on the pipe to keep people from climbing out to sea. I worked on the song with Sean O’Brien and Harrison Whitford and recorded it about six months later with Booker T. Jones producing. It feels like an epilogue, so I named the record after it and put it last.”

Check it all out below!

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