The Orwells pay homage to ‘Black Francis’ with their latest rattler

New album ‘Terrible Human Beings’ is shaping up nicely ahead of it landing on February 17th
Plucking more fizzing-garage hooks into the mix, The Orwells have unveiled the swirling new number ‘Black Francis’ with an equally as fizzing new video.

Named after the bloody iconic figure of the Pixies frontman himself, guitarist Matt O’Keefe explained that it “felt long overdue that we paid him some direct respect. We’ve been ripping him off for years, hopefully this chips away at the massive debt we’ve got to him.”

Can’t imagine Black Francis as a loan shark… but who knows?! You’ll get a decent price for The Orwells incoming new album ‘Terrible Human Beings’ – set to be filled with unstoppable garage-rock hitters when it lands on February 17th. After all it does include the already released ‘They Put A Body In The Bayou’ and ‘Double Feature’ which are worth their weight in gold.

The Orwells will be back for a string of headline shows at the start of March, so by then you should know all the words to scream-along to while you’re witnessing their stunning live show. Check those dates below, right after the clip.