The Regrettes have confirmed the title of their forthcoming album, ‘Further Joy’

There's "more to come v soon" too, apparently, as the band build up to the release of their third full-length.

The Regrettes have confirmed the title of their forthcoming album.

The band’s third full-length is expected to arrive this year, with the band revealing on social media that it will be titled ‘Further Joy’.

“cats out of the bag,” they write, “our new album is called ‘further joy’ !!! more to come v soon”

Speaking to Dork last year for an in the studio chat about the forthcoming album, primary songwriter and vocalist Lydia Knight revealed: “It feels like us finding ourselves and becoming adults in a lot of ways. It’s a lot of focusing inward and growing up, a lot of self-realisation. I know that I love it; I think it’s the best thing we’ve ever put out. Hopefully, other people will relate to it, given the fucked up climate we live in.”

The Regrettes’ last album, ‘How Do You Love?’ arrived back in 2019. Last year they dropped two new tracks, ‘Monday’ and ‘You’re So Fucking Pretty’.

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