The Regrettes have announced the details of their new album ‘Further Joy’

Set for release on 8th April, there's also a new song, 'That's What Makes Me Love You'.

The Regrettes have announced their new album ‘Further Joy’ will arrive on 8th April.

After recently announcing the title of the album on social media, the band’s Lydia Night explains: “That phrase ‘further joy’ summarized what it meant to be on the hamster wheel of constantly chasing happiness, but in turn, that’s what makes you unhappy. I was stuck in a loop of wanting to be better, wanting to be good, and therefore I couldn’t be here. I couldn’t be present.”

The news comes alongside a new song, ‘That’s What Makes Me Love You’, as well as a new video directed by Claire Marie Vogel and Olivia Eberstadt.

“I was in a dark anxious place and realized that I was becoming very critical of my partner,” Lydia explains. “I got out of that place by realizing, ‘I love this person for exactly who they are, and nothing needs to change about who they are or who I am to make each other happy.’ The song came from me flipping the narrative to ‘That’s not why I should be scared. That’s why I love you.’”

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