The Regrettes are dropping a new track, ‘That’s What Makes Me Love You’, this week

The latest single to come from the band arrives this Friday (4th March)

The Regrettes have revealed they’re dropping a new track this Friday (4th March).

Titled ‘That’s What Makes Me Love You’, they’ve shared a teaser for the song on social media too. You can check that out below.

It follows up on previous track ‘You’re So Fucking Pretty’, which arrived late last video and got a new video last week.

Lydia Night explains of the track: “It’s the first time I’ve ever written directly about a girl I had a crush on, and it took me a while for me to even allow my brain to accept the fact that I’m bisexual.”

“I always felt like I couldn’t validate my own feelings because I had never been in a relationship with a girl. But I had a pretty big crush on one of my friends a while ago and this song is an exaggeration of that, but it’s still coming from a very real place. It was the first experience where I was like, ‘Oh, these are real feelings, this isn’t just a sexual attraction,’ and that helped me realize I wasn’t straight.

“This song means so much to me because it also represents the time we spent in Joshua Tree and opening up to my whole band about that experience and not feeling embarrassed or scared of talking about it. Writing this was important for me because it just validated my own sexuality.”

Director Serena Reynolds adds, “Lydia is the best and we just clicked. I love how we were able to collect so much beauty, frustration and sadness in the video to formulate this idea of a person we never visually see. I think the magic is that this ‘lover’ really feels all encompassingly joyful in the end.”

The Regrettes also recently confirmed the title of their forthcoming album.

The band’s third full-length is expected to arrive this year, with the band revealing on social media that it will be titled ‘Further Joy’.

“cats out of the bag,” they write, “our new album is called ‘further joy’ !!! more to come v soon”

Speaking to Dork last year for an in the studio chat about the forthcoming album, primary songwriter and vocalist Lydia Knight revealed: “It feels like us finding ourselves and becoming adults in a lot of ways. It’s a lot of focusing inward and growing up, a lot of self-realisation. I know that I love it; I think it’s the best thing we’ve ever put out. Hopefully, other people will relate to it, given the fucked up climate we live in.”

The Regrettes’ last album, ‘How Do You Love?’ arrived back in 2019.

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