The Strokes are definitely releasing a new album in 2020

Announced at a New Year's show, they also took the opportunity to debut a brand new track, 'Ode to the Mets'.

The Strokes kicked off 2020 with a live show at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, and in the process confirmed there’ll be a new album coming later this year.

Their first full-length since 2013, they also took the opportunity to debut a brand new track, ‘Ode to the Mets’.

“Yeah, we’ve got a new album coming out soon! 2020, here we come,” Casablancas told the crowd. “The 2010s, whatever the fuck they’re called, we took ‘em off. And now we’ve been unfrozen and we’re back. If you really love someone, you’ll be frozen with them. You know what? I don’t know what I say generally, and I ramble a lot, but I love you guys, and it’s a real honor to share the stage and this night with you guys.”

During the show, they also played a second new track – ‘The Adults Are Talking’ – which got a debut performance earlier in 2019, and teamed up with opener Mac DeMarco for ‘Reptilia’ b-side ‘Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men’, which originally featured Regina Spektor.

You can check out footage of ‘the action’ below.

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