The Twilight Sad have shared two new tracks, ‘Rats’ and ‘Public Housing’: “They came from a place of complete despair”

They're coming on 7" this December.

The Twilight Sad have shared two new tracks, ‘Rats’ and ‘Public Housing’.

The band’s first new material since the release of fifth album, ‘IT WON’T BE LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME’, the two tunes are taken from a limited-edition, individually-stencilled double A-side 7″ due in December.

“As the recording process [for IWBLTATT] progressed, we could tell that these two songs were a little different from the rest of the album,” explains frontman James Graham.

“To me they felt heavier and lyrically they came from a place of complete despair. They started to stand out on their own separately from the album. They were songs we really liked and they weren’t just off cuts from the album either – we wanted them to stand on their own.

“So we felt like a 7” double A side single was the release the songs deserved. The two songs feel linked to me, one has no hope and the other is reaching out looking for some good in people/myself/the world.”

Check ’em out below, and catch the band on tour in the UK later this year.

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