The Wha are back with a new single, ‘Blue For You’

Give their new video a watch.

The Wha are back with a new single, ‘Blue For You’.

The follow-up to ’40 Odd Years’ and ‘Innocents’, it’s a melancholy indie tune about feeling, well, a bit blue.

Vocalist Finn Cusack explains: “I suppose ‘Blue For You’ is a bit of a shameless pop song. It has a feel good jingle-jangle vibe to it. Lyrically, it’s just a confused reflection.

“We really enjoyed making the video with Cameron West. We were inspired by The Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine’ but wanted to put our own twist on it. Initially, it started off as just a lyric video and then we got a bit carried away and then we ended up as cartoons. Abe from the band is a great illustrator and some of his sketches of the band made it into the video amongst locations from our hometown of Kilkenny. 

“Recording the track in London with Stephen Street was a boyhood dream come true. We’re big fans of his so it was a pleasure to work with him. We learnt a lot in a few days. We also enjoyed running around London like lost dogs for a week.”

Give it a watch below.

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