The Wonder Years’ Dan Campbell has announced details of a new solo album, ‘Other People’s Lives’

It's set to arrive on 19th November.

The Wonder YearsDan Campbell has announced details of a new solo album.

The first released under his own name, ‘Other People’s Lives’ is set to arrive on 19th November via Loneliest Place On Earth and Miscellaneous Recordings.

Made up of songs that he wrote for others over the last 18 months, he explains: “For me, and I’m sure for many of you, the last 18 months have been the hardest I can remember, mentally and emotionally. A lot of it felt like one long, grey spiral and I stayed afloat, in part, by writing these songs for and about other people. It gave me purpose and structure and connection when I badly needed it.

“I asked a few of those people if I could re-record the song I wrote about them for this record so that you could hear them too and they were gracious enough to say yes. The hope is that, by listening, you’ll share in their joy and in their grief—that you’ll inhabit their lives, briefly.”

You can check out two songs from the record, ‘Flight No.05’ and ‘When I Face Into The Wind’, below.

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