The Wytches have announced their third album, ‘Three Mile Ditch’

Check out their ominous new single, 'A Love You’ll Never Know'.

The Wytches have announced their third album, ‘Three Mile Ditch’.

Out via their own label, Cable Code Records, on Friday 2nd October, the news arrives alongside their latest teaser-track, the ominous ‘A Love You’ll Never Know’, which follows on from recent drop ‘Cowboy’.

“The music video format was a long process,” says the clip’s director Mark Breed. “Making the set was incredibly fun with Kristian crafting most of the miniatures. I then had to film the green screen band performance within the set before recording the edited version onto my VHS camera. Finally, I shot the finished edit inside the view finder.”

This is the first thing that I’ve ever been proud of for longer than a week,” adds frontman Kristian Bell of the full-length.

Check out their new ‘un below.

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