Theo Bard has shared his emotional new dark-pop single ‘Forget’

The London-based producer has a new EP on the way.

London-based producer Theo Bard has shared his emotional new dark-pop single ‘Forget’.

“‘Forget’ is a dark, raw confessional about a traumatic experience,” he explains. “I was still in love with my ex-girlfriend when a big group of our friends were going away on holiday together. I wanted to be part of it. She was going to be there with her new man, but I didn’t want to miss out and anyway, there were lots of other people I could hang out with. I could give them a wide berth and it would be fine, right?

“One night I woke to the unmistakable sound of their voices coming through the wall. I tried to cover my ears, wanting more than anything to ‘unhear’ the sound, but it was too late. Completely upset and spun out, I left the next morning, returning to London as fast as I could. All I wanted was to forget what I’d heard and what it meant.

“At the time, I was pushing my music in the direction of a new sound, telling people my new music was ‘melancholic electronic’ and I realised how perfect the story was for the new vibe. Once I had the concept of the song in my head it came out so easily.”

Have a listen below, and keep an eye out for his next EP ‘INKUS’, arriving later in the year.

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