There’s a new ‘un from George Ezra – check out ‘Paradise’

He was on the cover of Dork a few months ago, you know.
George Ezra has dropped a new song called ‘Paradise’.

The song arrives just before he plays an intimate date at Shoreditch Town Hall on Wednesday 31st January, with a new album also on the way.

“I’ve not tried to shy away from what I am,” George explained to Dork earlier this year. “I think that’s a common thing where people think, ‘Well, I’ve got this audience but those guys don’t like me’ so they start trying to write songs that appeal to that audience but the thing is, they’ve got their fix. They’ve got something else. Honestly, I think that happens more often than we realise so I was really keen to stay true to what I am.

“Like, for me, I’ve got a larger fanbase than I ever thought I’d have – and I’m happy, y’know? And you can’t really ask for anything more than that. If there are more people that want to come and enjoy it, then that’s brilliant, but if not… then that’s okay. If you’re in a position where you get to write and record music, and people want to come and experience that with you live then that’s the dream, and I’m kinda there at the minute, so I’m happy. I wouldn’t change it.”

You can read the full George Ezra Dork cover feature here.

Listen to ‘Paradise’ below.

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