These New Puritans have shared a brand new video to ‘SIX’

Check out their latest clip now.

These New Puritans have shared a brand new video to ‘SIX’.

Directed by Daniel Askill, it’s the third collaboration with the band, following up on acclaimed videos for ‘We Want War’ and ‘Fragment Two’.

“This is my third collaboration with These New Puritans. I’m a huge fan of their music and we have a great shared aesthetic and conceptual landscape – plus George and Jack are two of the best people I know. I had been saving this film for a while (we released a photographic component ‘Unified Field’ as part of Visionaire 65 at Art Basel Miami). So when TNP sent me ‘Six’ I knew it felt like the perfect partner to the film. It’s such a beautiful piece of music…and for me the music and film combined create and short visual meditation with eyes open. I think George describes it best when he talks about ideas like: nostalgia for the future – eternity in a moment – power in stillness – something modern that resonates with the primal and ancient. I think we are both drawn to these kinds of ideas and polarities and are interested in finding ways to explore them in image and sound.” says Askill.

Of the video George Barnett says: “There’s a strength in its stillness, it’s not competing with the attention deficit disorder culture, it’s going in a totally different direction. An anti-music video video. Maybe ‘meditative’ is the right word? Fire always turns up in our songs somehow – maybe it’s to do with moments that are seductive and powerful but can also consume you and destroy you. Obviously it’s such a primal theme. The history of fire is really interesting, I find – it was really the first technology for transforming our environment, the whole landscape that we find ‘natural’ is the result of fires started by humans.”

These New Puritans’ latest album ‘Inside The Rose’ is out now.

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