This is ‘What You Want’. This is Zuzu

The Liverpudlian’s latest is a slice of indie-pie that comes with it's own nod to cult cinema
We here at Dork love a classic slice of indie-pop in its prime, and it looks like we’ve found a new favourite with Zuzu and her latest mover ‘What You Want’.

With head-over-heels tales of young love and the punchy swoons of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ (yeah, those are the scientific names for ‘em), it’ll have you doe-eyed in a matter of moments and rolling around in the edgy kicks it throws time and time again. Packed with the sort of knockout hooks that’ll turn indie dancefloors around the country into mesmerised masses – it’s only the start for Zuzu, and one you can guarantee will go massive, quickly.

Chatting about the track, Zuzu explains that “I wrote this song when I was 18, It’s about how I wish my teenage years went down. I spent most of the time being someone that other people wanted me to be.”

If you weren’t slap-bang in her world already, then check out the video to go along with ‘What You Want’ – paying homage to Dustin Hoffman’s classic flick ‘I Heart Huckabees’ (and yes, if you haven’t seen it then get yourself down to Blockbuster sharpish…).

Here’s ‘What You Want’ – and now you know that, Zuzu is all you’re going to need.