Those Foo Fighters teasers are counting down to something on Friday…

Obelisk Airlines are now certainly more talked-about than Easyjet ever will be
Days come and days go, and we still don’t know what on earth is going on with the Foo Fighters – but all signs still seem to point to Glastonbury.

After fans received some interesting boarding passes in the post last weekend, the check-in time lead to many tipping their heads to a reveal on Tuesday night – which came and went with no announcement…

Now, there’s been even more updates – with the band tweeting out an updated site where fans can “pick” their seats ahead of some “in flight entertainment”

Once seats are selected, the site heads to a countdown, ticking away and set to reach zero at 7:45pm on Friday (February 24th) – so, as you can imagine, we guess there might be something coming… and it’s looking like it’s Glastonbury-related

Go through it all here, we’ll be waiting over here and watching all the way up to Friday

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