Three Palma Violets, one Big Moon and a guitarist on top – meet Gently Tender

The London sort-of-supergroup are making their debut with first track '2 Chords Good'.

Gently Tender are a new London band. But Gently Tender are also not really a new London band, because they’re also a very familiar London band. Or two, if we’re being honest.

Made up of three of the dearly departed Palma VioletsSam Fryer, Pete Mayhew and Will Doyle, and joined by the Big Moon’s Celia Archer on keys and guitarist Adam Brown, they’re sort of a super group too.

With the aim of making “more ambitious music” in “a relaxed environment”, they’ve just dropped their first track, ‘2 Chords Good’.

Based on a real life conversation in a West London pub, Sam explains: “The song is essentially me replaying that moment in my mind, and almost kicking myself about my average and weak response [‘Probably yeah’] to her question, ‘Are you going to put some more chords on your new album?’”

“The song is me talking to myself … and making excuses like I was feeling ‘kinda stressed that day’. I had been suffering with anxiety at the time of the meeting, but as I gradually formulate what the answer should have been, I cultivate pictures in my mind of visions and scenes that move me; memories of ‘golden evenings’ and ‘sunlit canals’ and songs that I have loved.”

“As long as they are the right chords to get what you want to say out, its all fine.”

We over-analyse social situations too, Sam. Don’t worry.

‘2 Chords Good’ is set to be released as an ‘extremely’ limited 7” via Big Score. There’s a full album of material being recorded, with a headline show at London’s Lexington planned for 26th September.

Stream ‘2 Chords Good’ below.

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