Tigercub preview debut album with new track ‘Omen’

‘Abstract Figures In The Dark’ is set for release on 11th November via Alcopop! Records.
Brighton trio Tigercub have debuted a new track, ‘Omen’.

It’s the first cut from their debut album ‘Abstract Figures In The Dark’, set for release on 11th November via Alcopop! Records.

“After burying my emotions deep into obscure metaphors in past songs, I feel like it’s time to just f*cking come out and say it: Everything is not okay and it never was,” lead singer and guitarist Jamie Hall explains. “‘Abstract Figures in the Dark’ is about a thousand anxieties that I’m too scared to talk about.”

“It is the soundtrack as we pass through the event horizon and float helplessly toward the blackhole… we are all Schrodinger’s Cat, trapped between life and death, trapped between physical and digital, trapped between paradigms trying to find meaning in a world our parents already destroyed. Waiting desperately to be observed so that our fate can be decided. God is dead and we’ve been left to dwell in our own personal paradox.”

“I was born out of the wreckage of a failed marriage. I am my own first world problem. I grew up with abnormalities both physically and mentally in an ex-mining town in northern England and it’s simultaneously my biggest regret and my glowing pride.”

“We’re so fucking bored of rock music and scared that punk is becoming its own version of conservatism. It just doesn’t feel relevant anymore. We wanted to make a record for the 21st Century. This album marks the start of our journey outside the box. Don’t get me started on politics.”

Seriously. Don’t get him started. We’ll be here all week. Check out ‘Omen’ below.

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