Tigercub take ‘Control’ with this storming new one

Gleaming and shining in all the right places, the trio’s new album is out on Friday (November 11th)
Hitting harder than Mike Tyson in a cage fight, Tigercub’s new one ‘Control’ is one destined to take over.

Driving rhythms and a hook bigger than anything you’d chuck out to sea, ‘Control’ is the statement of intent that Tigercub have been waiting to drop – aiming for the big leagues with a track fit for sold-out shows and raucous nights all over the world.

Speaking about the track to Upset, Tigercub’s Jamie Hall said:

“It’s about swallowing your bile and saying absolutely nothing even though you know it’s rotting you away from the inside. Constantly held hostage by over thinking and second guessing, I’m riding the stairway to apathy and I want to get off now.”

Tigercub’s latest album ‘Abstract Figures In The Dark’ is set to land tomorrow (November 11th) and will be supported by a run of UK headline shows over the next few weeks – including a night at Electrowerkz in London on November 16th.

Check out ‘Control’ below,