Tomberlin searches for connection with her delicate new single, ‘tap’

It's a cut from her upcoming album, due in April alongside a UK tour.
Photo credit: Michelle Yoon

Tomberlin has dropped her new single, ‘tap’.

It’s the latest from from her upcoming album ‘I don’t know who needs to hear this…’, out 29th April via Saddle Creek.

“It was January 2021, my first pandemic winter in New York, when I wrote this song,” says Sarah Beth Tomberlin. “I was investigating the things that help in connecting me to myself. I was taking a lot of big 10, sometimes 14 mile walks through the city trying to find my center, while also trying to get ideas and inspiration flowing. It was quite a lonely, uninspiring time and lots of disconnection, so on my walks I tended to observe parts of city life that people were lacking in or sometimes risking for connection. This song shifts through scenes of what does connect and disconnect me from myself. It’s funny because I think releasing music to be consumed by the public does both very strongly for me.”

Check it out below, and catch Tomberlin on tour in the UK this April and May.

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