Transfer news with Stormzy: video confirms Pogba as Manchester United player

Indykaila got nothing on him.
Where do you get your football news from? Sky Sports News? Di Marzio? Your mate Dave down the pub? You’re heading to the wrong place. You should be talking to Stormzy.

For much of the summer, the big transfer news has revolved around Paul Pogba and his protracted return to Manchester United. With a world record fee finally agreed and a medical sorted, tonight was supposed to be the big night. 9pm. Pogba was being announced.

Then 9pm came and went, with no word from the club. At least, not directly.

A video was briefly posted to Stormzy’s Facebook page at 9pm featuring Pogba and Stormzy (wearing a Pogba shirt). The Adidas clip seemingly part of an official launch that was aborted last minute.

First never follows, the video said. And Stormzy loves to be first. Unless you count the United laundry ladies, anyway.

Check out the video below.

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