TTRRUUCES take a virtual road-trip with their new video for ‘I’m Alive’

The new release previously featured on the FIFA 20 soundtrack. Gooooaaalllll

TTRRUUCES have revealed anticipated new track ‘I’m Alive’, along with a new music video which sees them hitting the ‘virtual’ road

With a summery Beck-esque feel, the video sees a couple enjoying all sorts – skydiving, rollercoasters, BBQ’s, cocktails and more! Originally scheduled to be shot with actual human beings, the band looked to animators Malvalien to bring their vision to life.

The track and video is all a part of the TTRRUUCES story told across their self-titled debut album, out on June 26th. Full of shimmering hooks, you can guarantee we’ll be front and (virtually anyway) centre

Check it all out below!

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