Turnstile stream new EP ‘Move Thru Me’ in full

The four-track EP features three of their own, and a cover.
Turnstile have been slowly unveiling their new ‘Move Thru Me’ EP (pre-order here), having shared the A-side a while back. Now they’ve released the B-side too, and you can hear the whole thing below.

The four-track EP features three of their own tracks (‘Come Back For More’, ‘Harder On You’ and the title-track) as well as a cover of Give’s ‘Fuck Me Blind’ that features Kiley Lotz of Petals.

The band explain: “The cover fit so perfectly with the idea of the record as, to me, it is about the freedom to be who you are, love who love, and not living within limits created by society or by yourself. It’s an important song in hardcore for our generation so we wanted to cover it.”

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