twst shares new video for ‘Are You Filming Me?’, alongside the release of debut EP ‘twst0001’

There’s blurry faces galore from the nu-pop favourite

twst has unveiled a brand new video for ‘Are You Filming Me?’, taken from twst’s debut EP ‘twst0001’ that’s out today!

Full jumping into the world behind the camera, ‘Are You Filming Me?’ pours into that digital overload world – drenched in glitches and flourishes that make twst a name to keep a firm eye on in the coming months

Speaking about the track, twst explains: “I wrote the song after spending time in the jungle in Calais, and the whole experience was such a culture shock; coming back into a very surveilled western system after being in Europe’s biggest refugee camp. After that, everything about London felt orchestrated and self-centered, like the Truman show. It really stirred up a sense of paranoia within me, which ended up being one of the main themes of the lyrics. And it poses the question – ‘are we right in feeling paranoid in such a heavily surveilled existence?’”

Sitting alongside a string of previously released tracks, ‘Are You Filming Me?’ sits as the closing track on ‘twst0001’ – released today (June 26th) and primed to be the starting pistol for an unstoppable new pop sensation

Check out ‘Are You Filming Me?’ below:

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