Ty Segall has swooped our hearts with ‘Orange Color Lady’

The prolific dream-weaver is set to release a new self-titled album on January 27th
Ty Segall is a man who simply doesn’t slow down, and he’s got no plans of changing that with a brand new studio album set for release in January.

The self-titled collection (guess the name of it…), is set to land on January 27th and acts as the follow-up to to this year’s ‘Emotional Mugger’ and his recent side-project GØGGS.

Ty has also unveiled the first slice from the record with the mesmeric heart-warmer ‘Orange Colour Lady’, tinted with enough scuzz and blurred edges to push it into Segall’s world yet grounded enough to make it a campfire anthem we want to hear played again and again.

Chatting to NPR about the track, Ty Segall said:

“This is a love song for my girlfriend, Denée. I’ve written her many, but I think this is my favourite. I travel around the world for a living and have developed a slight fear of flying. She’s one of the things that makes it better for me to travel. Especially when she is with me. She has orange hair, and is my orange color queen. I rarely write songs like this, because it is so easy to sound disingenuous, but I think this one is pretty good.”

Ty mate, it’s more than pretty good. Check it all out below if ya don’t believe us.

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